How Does A Christian Look?

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...How Does A Christian Look?
Okay, before you get all "holy" and "judgemental", please finish reading this post.

Pastor Bolz-Webber
Deuteronomy 4:29 says: But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Wow, being a Christian is a heart thing. All type of people are seeking to get to know our Lord and Savior. The thing that bothers me is how many people are being turned away from know God because of the attitude of Christians who look just like you.

How many homeless people, ex-convicts, ex-prostitutes,ex-tax thieves, ex-gays, ex-addicts, ex-fornicators, ex-adulterers want to join our churches, attend our women conferences but are turned away by the negative look in your eyes.

God doesn't care about how you look. He didn't even tell us to get clean up before we come to him. He just said COME!

That is so deep. Where did we get that in order to attend church, sing, preach or pray in church we had to look a certain way, act a certain way and talk a certain way? Where did we get that you have to PROVE you are worthy to enter "my" church?

Many souls are dying, people are dying because they are hungry for the WORD. However, Christians and churchgoers seem to be obsessed with how people look. We are wasting time worrying about silly things while we have a generation of "Christian" teens who were brought up in the church going by the wayside trying to imitate or bring the worldly values in the church.

We are so distracted by what so and so has on thatwe don't even notice that our own children are being pulled into Yoga, Mime, "Soaking" music and other pagan practices. We have a generation of teens who were raised in the church who know more about Illuminati and Mythology than basic Christian doctrine.

While they hear us complain about the pastor, church members and other foolishness like dress hemlines, make up, hairstyles, etc. that how to incorporate the sermon in our life. People go to the church as a place for rest. No one wants to continue to go to church where people will judge them based on their looks.

How many people have you discouraged from seeking Jesus? How many people have decided not to go to church or bible study based on your negative nonverbal stares. Why does a Christian have to fit in a little box, when in reality the Lord has already told us we are fearfully and wonderfully made. To me that means we are not going to be the same. Why do so many churchgoing teens run away form church as young adults? Why do some feel its a SIN for Christians to have fun smile and dress nice?

Sisters in Christ, You do remember how you use to be and how long it took you to get rid of those booty shorts, tattoos, tight jeans and twirking in public. It takes some people a longer time to realize that showing all your "boobs" and "plumber butt" is not really cute.

As a child of the Most High, we have to always be aware that the Lord is going to use ALL type of people to be a witness. Remember that talking donkey in the bible? We can't be so close minded that we do not welcome all type of people to be part of the kingdom. We have to be careful that we are not judging people unfairly before giving them a chance. We have to remember that we are truly a witness of the Lord. We are also helping others to COME TO HIM. And to the Lord it doesn't matter how you look on the outside.

We sometimes get distracted by a person appearance, race, sex, demoninations, etc. We sometimes get so caught up on looks and don't give people a chance. I'm not Lutheran, I have friends who are and I've been to their churches so when I first saw Pastor Bolz I chuckled inside because the Lutheran Pastors I know would be scared if they saw her, lol. However, God is going to use her to REACH so many souls who would never step into a traditional church.

Below is a wonder example form a Nadia Bolz, Lutheran pastor, whose testimony made her have to deal with looks:

Does A Lutheran Pastor Look Like? - Nadia Bolz-Weber from jaminsermons">jaminsermons
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