Sticking to the Plan

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Sticking to the Plan.

Just like we all have gifts and talents. The Lord also gives us a plan or guide on how we can achieve his plan for our life.

The Lord takes the time to prepare us for our destiny. If you want to be a singer and you are shy. The Lord will give you opportunities to sing. He will encourage you to join the church choir. He will give you years of experience to the point where you will no longer be scared. He will allow you to get one solo. Then another solo. He will give you the courage to join the school choir. Then you will learn about a community choir. Then the Lord will sent you a skilled teachers. The you begin to perfect the craft. Then the Lord begins to open doors for better opportunities.

Goals must be saturated in prayer, be sensitivity to the will of God, and contain good motives (James 13-16; Proverbs 16:2; 21:2). Goals are grounded in the Great Commandments (Mark 12:29-31), and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

The Lord have given you many ideas and dreams but some times you do not realize how he is working it out in your life. You can't see the end result because you are still in the preparation stage.
There may be some skills you need to have before hand in order to make the dream come true.

This is when you have to prefect your gift. This may be the time you need to go back to school, learn a trade or finally get that advance degree. Maybe its time for you to join a group of like minded individuals so you can learn from others. Maybe you need to seek opportunities where you showcase your gift to the public. Maybe you will need to get some old fashion experience in that field.

The Lord knows the desires of your heart and he wants to bless you. However, some things may take time because the Lord has to prepare you for the blessing or success to come.

Like you, I am preparing for my first successful book. I am writing and rewriting. I want to have a complete product before I seek a publisher or self-publish. I actually want to have three finished books. My goal is to not only have three successful best sellers. My desire is to have three Christian movies based on my book.

If you have ever written anything you know writing can take time. It is a process in itself. You have to write and rewrite to perfect your product. Then you have to get someone else to write and rewrite because some times you can not see the areas that still need help.

The same thing with your dreams and desire. Pray that the Lord will reveal his plan for your life so you can properly prepare.