When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Fridge?

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea.
Let's talk about something really dirty in your house.

Shhhh, Let me whisper, when was the last time you cleaned out your fridge?

If you have a science experiment living in your fridge then you
know you have problems. If you take the time to clean one thing everyday then by the end of the month everything in your home
should be nice and clean. Twice a month would be ideal but most
working mothers do not have that much time.

Cleaning the fridge is a great chore for your husband or sons.
It is quick and they can easily solve the good/bad food issue, lol.

It is Sunday and I am sure you have already gone grocery shopping but did you take time to clean out your fridge? It is probably more dirty and germy than you think. If your a modern girl you can't be dirty. Food spills, old food walls between the shelves.

Before starting a deep-clean on the fridge, be sure to turn the temperature control switch OFF. That way you won't be keeping the door open just to make the fridge work harder to cool it down.

Many people forget to clean their refrigerator but you should take everything out and clean it. It is best to clean before you go shopping. Remove all the shelves. Wipe down everything from the draws to the outside of the door. If your fridge has a dip pan empty it. Move the refrigerator and unplug it and then wait a few minutes and then vacuum the coil.

You can use water, white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, or borax. If your fridge is really dirty the use all three.

Arrange things neatly back in the proper order and don't forget to turn the fridge back on. Use a plate of baking soda or purchase one of those small boxes and eave in the fridge
to kill odors.

Ladies enjoy you clean, fresh smelly refrigerator.




  1. Ugh, I loathe cleaning the fridge. I try to remember to clean it out when we grocery shop. I like your idea of using vinegar. Thanks for the tip. I appreciate you stopping by my blog.


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