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Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea.
Let's talk about ...Event Blog Sponsors.

Currently Seeking Event Brand Sponsors: Conference Sponsorship:  

Inspiring Sisters is now a financial blog.
 I the next couple of weeks we are securing advertisers and sponsors for 2014.

In our 7 years of blogging we have developed a loyal community of core readers many of whom are who are young and modern in their thinking. Our readers are both stay at home moms, working moms and entrepreneurs.

Our readers based on our yearly surveys are between the age of 30 - 60 years old. 60% of our readers state that they are married with children. The one common core our readers share I that they are Christian Women from various denominations. The majority of our readers are form the United States, China, Canada, Jamaica, the Ukraine and New Zealand. Our pageviews is 53,156.

I’m currently seeking sponsors to attend Christian Fashion Week 2014 on February 2-8, 2014 in Florida and September 12 - 14, 2014 for Bloggy Conference 2014 at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio!

{1} The cost to attend the conference.
This can include the cost to purchase:
::  A conference ticket
::  Airfare/gas/parking
::  Hotel accommodations
::  Incidentals
::  Food

{2} What will sponsor receive?

 Sponsor will receive:

-Sidebar Ad
-In-depth reviews of all products and services
-Introductory post during the month letting people know about company/brand and linking to
your site/shop
- Option to do a free giveaway on the blog during the month
-Mention in monthly newsletter and Inspiring Sisters other social media
-Host a Twitter party
-Tweets month of event
-Instragram pictures of sponsor products and/or video "in action" at the conference
-Wear the sponsor 's t-shirt one day of the conference
-Hand out materials for the sponsor at the conference
-Put a badge about sponsor on the blog, and/or Twitter profile

If you are a media company or angel investor or patron and you see value in supporting a dynamic and popular blog site that encourage and inspire women of faith and their passions, then contact blog author at