Thrifty Plus Size Finds

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Thrifty Plus Size Finds.

Yes, curvy fashionista's can find cute things at the thrift store. My tip is you have to be willing to
search for things by going to several different stores. Just call me the Curvy Thrifty Fashionista, lol.

First, Do not buy junk. Things with holes are a waste if you can't sew.
Second, Buy your size. If it is too small, leave it.
Third, Have a set price of what you are willing to spend and donot go over your budget.

I thrift because I really can not afford a $50 shirt or $80 jeans so for the last month I have thrifting my shirts. I do not buy undergarments, bathing suits, stockings, socks or pants from Thrift stores. It is just me, I want those things new and at a low price. I also shop at TJ Maxx, Marshall, Gallo, $10 Stores and where ever has my size at a low price. If you don't know Goodwill is starting to get a little more expensive since the country is in a recession. I found it things cheaper at smaller thrift stores this week. My total was $20.00. Now the cleaning process before I wear them.

Below are my finds and tell me what you think and share your thrifty finds:

This a dress that comes to my knee. I plan
to wear it with black or gray tights

SIZE: 1x

COST: $3.00

STORE: Neighborhood Thrift Store

Gray Shrug with silver sparkles, but it didn't
show in the picture.

SIZE: 1x

COST: $3.00

STORE: Neighborhood Thrift Store

Brown ankle boots

SIZE: 10

COST: $5.00

STORE: Goodwill

Snake skin heels

SIZE: 9.5

COST: 9.00

STORE Goodwill