Busch Gardens Christmas Town

Hi Sisters,

How was your holiday? My holiday was great it was a bit cold.
Tomorrow I will share my Internet adventure down south. I went south but I had to stop
not at the rest areas, lol. No they didn't pay me to attend the park. It was something my family wanted to experience.

I decided to take a rest or detoured to Busch Gardens Christmas Town in Williamsburg,
Virginia. Why? Well I heard it was cute. I just forgot to check the weather.

Who does that? Well, me. Ladies it was so cold. I hate cold, I am an island girl.
I wanted to cry but I had to put on a good face because it was my idea....Tee heee :)

It was under 29 degrees, I had on boots but those designer boots SUCKED!
My feet was so cold. I hate those ugly Uggs but I was dying for a pair.
I was cold. My face was frozen. My fingers.

The weather was awful, Did I saw awful?

Despite the cold, The park was great! In the cold the employees were smiling
and had great customer service. I couldn't believe it but they stayed in character
and reminded me of the workers at Disney. I have to write them and let them know
that they have done a fabulous job training their employees. I think I would have quit
that day.

I think I drank more than three hot chocolate because of the weather. It was good too.
The snacks at the part was great.I even appreciate the fact that since the park was empty
they allowed the general public to park in the valet area. It was so very cold.

One plus side to the cold was we had the park almost to ourselves. We were able to see every show and I was so happy we scheduled a dinner show which was a great buffet and it was warm and the area was very private.

The shows were very entertaining. I have to say that I appreciate the multi-ethnic actors and
dancers. Disney didn't have it as much as Busch Gardens. You normally do not see that but
my children noticed first. There were African American male singers, actors and dancers
included in the shows.

The cool thing is you can buy a season pass which was good, the cost is the same but
because it is a Christmas theme you can come back if you can't bare the weather.

The lights were great. They really put me in the Christmas spirit and I brought everything
I could. Everything was beautiful. I felt like I was transform back in time.

My only complaint besides the weather was the Penguin exhibit in France was not that
great because you had to stand in a long line and the exhibit itself, despite being cute
was just too short for the time I spent in line.

I was disappoint that when I went into the Colonial part of the town everything was plain jane.
I guess they wanted to remain true to the time period. You only saw a single candle in the window. That was it.

If you find yourself on the east coast, you have to stop by Williamsburg and visit
Busch Gardens Christmas Town. It was a magical Christmas journey, great for families.

Make sure you take time and stop by the North Pole. It was the best thing. I loved the elves walking in their costumes and Santa house is great. It even snows there, lol.

*International Readers: Please email me if you are having difficulty reading this post, especially in other languages. I am trying to make sure the translator button is working.