Thanks Readers

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... Thanks Readers!

Happy Boxing Day! Yes, I celebrate Boxing Day with opening gifts and donating to the poor. Today we donated tons of things to a Veterans drop off box.

I hope you have an opportunity to spend time with your family. In the U.S. we do not have many holidays that celebrate family. Thanksgiving is now such a big retail day. I hope in addition to your gifts you had time to have some family fun.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all my blog followers and readers. Please consider being a follower on the bottom right. Thanks for visiting my blog every day and week. You could have visited any blog in the world but you chose my little corner on the web. I really, really, appreciate your support.

Thanks for supporting my advertisers above and all over this blog. January we will be making this blog a full time ministry. I hope to document my journey. I hope you will continue to support us. We are working on some upcoming changes to the blog. All of which will be for the better.

I am happy that we have grown so much this year. Our total readers today was 58,000 give or take
a two, lol. I have been praying that we will grow to 100,000. I have been praying that our followers will increase to 500 followers in the next 3 months. Yes, I believe prayer can change things.

The majority of our blog readers come from the United States, China and France. Yeah!!!! I want to include more countries. I appreciate your support throughout the year. I am just one Christian woman sharing her journey in a modern world.

I hope this blog is not just entertainment but you come away with new insight. I try to include variety. My posts stem from plus size outfits, decorating, mommy issues to racism and dealing with stupid people. My emphasis is to deal with life issues in a Christian manner. I am always striving to get it right. Just like you.

If I had followers and sponsors like the old Oprah Winfrey shows in the 90's I would be giving away a few cars to you ladies as well as helping to pay off some of your debt. But since my blog is not there yet--I know it will be soon. All I can do is share this simple blessing:

Father, We thank Thee for this day.
Bless all we do and all we say.

Lord watch over each of my blog readers
live a life that pleases you.
Help us to inspire those who come our way.
May we each enjoy Thy blessings great
As Jesus' Birth we celebrate.
And may the love that we share here
Remain throughout the coming year.

We look forward to the upcoming year.  Enjoy your Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year.!!!
Spend time with your family and let them know you appreciate and love them.