3 Ways to Accomplish Your Vision

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about...
3 Ways to Accomplish Your Vision.

A few months ago we designed a beautiful Vision Board. Now its time to check your progress. Have to accomplished anything? Are you just moving towards your goal?

Ladies, in order to progress with your Vision Board or should I say achieving your dreams you need
a to follow a few steps:

1. Make A Schedule:
We don't you to just visualize your dreams and goals. Don't just make a deadline for your goals.
We are taking steps towards accomplishing our goals. This does not have to be difficult.

With all the incredible technology this will be easy to do. Set a reminder in your cell or use a reminder app. If you use an old fashion day planner. Pencil out days you will use to check your vision board progress. If you are trying to loose weight what days will you exercise, when will you plan your food menu, when will make time to shop. You may need to add new things into your schedule or omit some things.

For Example: I am writing an ebook but in my case I have schedule Tuesday and Thursday as my day to write. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I schedule passive activities. I make meals in the crock pot.
I put loads in the wash. I do not take calls during my writing time. That is why we have voice mail.

If you have not made any progress, then you need to check and see what is going on. What is stopping you from achieving your goals? Did you make a schedule to achieve your goals? You can't just say, "I want..." You have to move towards your goals.

2. Move Towards Your Goal:
Successful people hone in on their gifts and skills. They don't just do things they master it. In order to master something you have to practice.

For Example: Did you play an instrument as a child? You remember how you sound when you first picked up that instrument. Let's be honest, you were awful. However, over time you started to make beautiful music.

If you make time and take steps towards your dreams and goals, you will see how close you will get towards achieving your goals. Take time and celebrate the milestones along the way. You take pictures and document the journey. The Bible says you need to STUDY the word of God in order to understand it. You need to read and reread to become a better Christian. Don't you think this should also transfer to your dreams and goals?

3. Stay Excited:
Don't dwell on your mistakes you make along the way to achieve your goals. Each time you are
doing something that will bring you closer to achieving those things on your Vision Board. I want you to smile and get excited. I want you to internally praise yourself. NO negative self-talk.

You will not always love the grunt work of starting a business. But you still should have that fire for your dream.

If you notice things are not going quite right, take time to revisit, evaluate, and change your dreams and goals. In your excitement continue to focus and avoid distractions so you can actually achieve your goals.