Blog Hop: THe Tools I Use to Write My Ebook

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...The Tools I Use to Write My Ebook.

Today I am participating in a WRITERS BLOG HOP. I use to be a journalist years ago and then I got married and had a career change. Well, In 2014--I am living my Dreams. I am a fulltime blogger. I am a professional BLOGGER.

Now, I have not made any money yet, lol., but I am working towards the goal. I am moving from hobby to business owner after seven years. I have to tell you this is the a big leap of Faith for me.
I have had to draw on all those skills and talents I have always had but hadn't use for some time.

I hope you enjoy our new changes to come. We will be moving soon but I will keep you abreast. Look out Oprah, I am developing a CHRISTIAN NETWORK. Our new network will be located at (we are not up and running yet). I am so excited about 2014.

I am excited about getting back into writing full time. Many of you know I was a secular writer for many years. I am now dedicated to the Christian Market. This is a hard market with a limited number of outlets so I had to create my own. The Lord has giving me so many visions and ideas for my writing. I am in the process creating a fabulous brand.

I am working on my first ebook in addition to freelance writing. As in any field, you need the proper tools to do your job well. My favorite writing tools is a journal. I love to write and
I use my journal to keep my ideas, dreams and thoughts.

Journals are great because you can see your progress. I try to buy pretty Journals from the discount store so I can visualize my future books, Each journal is about the subject of that particular book/story. Journals are great for rewriting because if you use a pencil you can just erase. I know some people do not like old fashion paper and pencil. However, I am not one of those people.

If you have a book in your heart, I would like to enough you to first go out and purchase a journal. Do not worry about getting that publishing deal at first. Just take a moment and write down your story in your journal.

Good Luck Writers, Take a moment and become one of my blogger Follower.



  1. I'm glad you've joined the writers' blog hop :) I find it interesting how writers all process and write differently. I find writing with pen and paper frustrating, because I can't keep up with my thoughts. However, I know there are many writers who still prefer pen/pencil and paper like you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for journaling. And all the best as you work at writing full-time. I like your attitude: "This is a hard market with a limited number of outlets so I had to create my own."

  3. Welcome to the Blog Hop! Glad you joined us!!!!

  4. So glad to meet you. i love what you are planning.
    I too journal every morning. I love seeing what's on God's mind for the day.
    Lots of inspiration comes from that time.

  5. Love the photo of the journals by candlelight! All the best as you work toward your dream.

  6. Anonymous2.2.14

    Using a journal is smart. I find that carrying one with me allows me to spew thought on paper no matter where I am. I can then make sense of it later:)

    Donna Fawcett


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