Christian Schools Not Making the Grade

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Sisters in Christ, Come on in
and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Christian Schools Not Making the Grade.

One would assume, if something has the title Christian, it should be the very best. Period. Yes, it should because we represent Christ.

Unfortunately, some Christian schools did not get the memo. The theory of Christian Education is a wonderful concept the problem is the implementation of Christian Education. My beef is that MANY Christian Schools are Not Making the Grade. That alone should be a SIN.

I like many parents have decide to seek Christian education because we seek both religious instruction and academic excellence for our children. After 10 plus years utilizing various Christian Schools, its sad but I have to honesty say I have to give many based on my experience a "D" or "F." Keep in mind I am a former Christian educator. I have experience from the inside and out. The sad thing is that the average parent do not really have a clue what their children are really doing or learning at the neighborhood private school.

I do not mean to be insulting but too many parents seem to be more impressed with the campus, uniforms and teachers using educational jargon than trying to understand the difference between a teacher made curriculum to an Abeka, Alpha Omega, Bob Jones, etc. Most parents just go on if the school sounds good. Most parents don't question or know why their child's teacher, teach the way she does.

Here re some areas I am concern about::

-Christian Private Schools (CPS) are often run by church members. This adds to the unprofessionalism. Pastors or church boar members decide they are going to open a school and that is it. They open schools despite education and experience. Unfortunately, some of these people have no clue about education best practices. CPS also have too many church or family members employed.

-Staff lack advance education. You do not need any type of credentials to teach at a CPS because of separation of church and state. Yes, this is true but in 2014 you can find Christians with degrees.
One has to respect teachers with actual degrees in education. This means in basic terms that a teacher knows and understands the developmental stages of children and they can solve academic issues. They have access to assessment tools to aid students.

-Lack of money. Many schools operate based on tuition. This means the administration can not afford to train their teachers. Parents have more control because the school is trying to please them. The pressure not to lose students fall on staff. Schools let anyone come in because they need paying bodies.

-The PTF/PTA leaders are hand pick. Most church schools make sure that their people are in key position so that things will not change. CPS do everything to make sure they are in control. Parents concerns are not really addressed.

Education is important to me, the sad thing is that it is not always important for many CPS. I went to CPS schools. It had a whole different feel then. I don't know if education is just viewed differently.
If parents are just not really promoting academic excellence. I don't know if today teachers just don't demand high achievement.

It hurts my heart to know that the Christian Schools in my area do not operate up to par. They have so much potential but they don't have people to help them move pass the vision of "starting a school." Many don't know what to do when a school grows quickly.

As I reflect back on my children education. I really want a refund but where do I go to get one? I truly feel that maybe I should have homeschooled them because I would have had a true evaluation of where they are academically. I just never really understood homeschooling. How to do it? How to get started? How to register with the state, etc.?

I have been trying to figure out in the last few days how do I fix the problem. Where do you go when you realize you have been lied to for years? How do you get your kids back on track without messing up their future? My children have a few gaps in their education which I didn't notice or realize before. How do I as a mom fix the problems?

pray in agreement with me that I make the best decisions that will get my child back on the road to university.

How about you, how are your children doing academically?