Lupita Nyong's Best Dress


Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Lupita Nong's Best Dress.

I normally don't watch award shows but I do like to watch the red carpet and the outfit everyone is wearing. You ladies know I love clothes. When I saw Lupita Nyong's come down the red carpet I was like yes I love that dress.

Lupita Nyong's Ralph Lauren Dress was the best red carpet look at the Golden Globe Award.
I was surprise no one really enjoyed the dress. Some reporters were like yeah, that's the best dress...

Lupita wore that dress. It fit her perfect and I even love her hair cut. She worked it out!! Who ever dressed her will see an increase in clients. I am an eighties girl I love showing my shoulders.

As a plus size lady now, I wish more plus size designers would take the time to make more tailored clothes. Plus Size Clothes really suck. I have an event where I need to get a gown but I know I am going to have some problem. Many plus size clothes are just round. I think they are made more for apple shape plus size women. My weight is from those C-Sections I had to have, lol. My weight is in the middle. Designers don't make clothes for me. I can go a size bigger because then I look sloppy. I have to always upscale my things. I am thinking of copying this design in a plus size. I have a Jamaican Auntie who is a seamtress and she can copy any picture. I will have to show you later this year.