Making the Move, Achieving the Dream

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Making the Move, Achieving the Dream.

We made the Vision Board last year. It's now time to build on the Vision Board. It's time to plan the steps to achieve 3 of your vision/goal. What will you focus on achieving this year, so you can fulfill your dreams and desires?

One of my dreams is to quit my job and work full time blogging.

I desire to be a successful blogger. I mean a blogger making money blogging. I want to make real money on my blog. I plan to work double time to make it happen in 2014. My vision is to make $40,000 by December 31,  2014. I have to figure out how to achieve the goal.

Yes, you hear it's possible to make money, I need to hear from those doing it. I don't want to buy your book or mp3 scam. I have been talking to some actual humans who are doing it. I know most bloggers do other things in addition to blogging. I don't know the Lord's plan however, I believe the Lord will give me my desire. He has already led me to successful bloggers who are making real money.

I want to enjoy my work for the next 20 years or so. I want to do what I love. My vision is for my gift to be a profitable income making venture. I have big dreams for Inspiring Sisters blog.

Please continue to tell you friends about this blog, become my friend or follower. Check out my
advertisers and supporters. I can't make 40k by myself. I don't know all the ways people make money blogging so I am stepping out on some real FAITH.

I want to live my life and do everything I ever wanted to do. I want to enjoy my work, get paid. I have to wait on cooking my soup recipe with Rachel Ray, visiting Portugal, hosting my T.V. Show and building a school in Jamaica, W.I. I think making money blogging is attainable, lol.

I don't know your dreams but please share. I would like to follow your journey too. What are moving towards in 2014? It is so important to do what you love, it will bring you so much peace. Let me share the testimony of a fellow blogger at Clothed Much Blog. She shared publicly that she has been a style blogger for years but in the last few months it was becoming a chore. She realized that she really didn't like clothes or fashion to the point that she needed to talk about it daily. It's funny because she had great modest style. She felt she wasn't being totally true with her readers so she quit.
Her journey just reminded me that some things on the vision board will be just for a season or a short time it doesn't mean The Lord won't use those same gifts in a different manner.

What 3 things will you do this month to move towards the goal? We have to plan our steps towards the goal so we can achieve it. I will try to check in monthly to share my achievements and failure.
In 2014 we want to mak it happen by MOVING so we can achieve it.

This week I am going to:
- Seek more online streams for my blog
- Visit new real estate aka  blog most
- See why my Adsense isn't working

Total made this year so far: $. 0

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