Stepping Out on Faith

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Stepping out on Faith.

It is always difficult to try something new. Its even harder to do things that will lead you towards your dreams, especially when you are seeking a career in a non-traditional position.

I am really stepping out on Faith this month. You are welcome to follow my journey. I am stepping into the unknown. I've been searching hard on ways I can make money blogging full-time. I have spoke to one full time blogger this week so its still an attainable dream.

I am looking into various streams of income. I was told by a professional blogger that the blog alone doesn't make money. I want to stay in the Christian Market. I think Inspiring Sisters should remain Christian. Many people have contacted me to change my demographic, which is insulting. I'm a Christian who have been in the Christian market for over 10 years (The bible says be careful where you get advice).

I am a Christian, I blog about my Christian perspective on life. I really hope that is why many of you follow my blog. I just want your support as we change and improve the blog in the next 6 months. You will see more ads on the sidebar but I have to pay my bills and haven't figured out any other way to make money blogging fulltime. Please share any ideas.

I've been told you need a .com to really make money on your blog because some companies are not
Very fair when it comes to calculating your blog page viewers. Many blogs can increase their advertising rate based on your number of viewers. If you own the .com then you have more control.

Bloggers who make a full-time living blogging are real silent. I came across millions of scams. I was beginning to get discouraged. I was talking to The Lord, saying Father, you know my dreams and desire. Open doors so I can make a living in the Christian market. You can pray in agreement with me.

It's hard because this is really an unknown market to me and most people in my circle. Those who are doing really well blogging want to keep their ideas, leads, and opportunities to themselves. Many average CHRISTIAN WOMEN I know are like. Girl you are crazy going out on a limb like this.
So there goes my encouragement.

I current have no cheerleaders and that is awful. I know The Lord will work it out. If he made a donkey talk nothing is impossible. I am stepping out on faith. As a Christian growing up were you taught to get an education and go get a job at a Christian company?

If you have some great ideas leave me a post.

Do you want to share a time you had to step out on faith?

Toodles ladies!