Why isn't the Lord Answering My Prayers?

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Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Why isn't the Lord Answering My Prayers?

The word is clear, Phillipians 4:6 says "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done."

If you are a Christian and you do not have a strong Prayer life, then you need to evaluate your life. What is going on with you? Prayer is the way we speak to our Heavenly Father. How would your mother feel if you didn't call her for a year? How would your sibling feel if you only called them when things are going bad? How would you feel if your friend only called you when they needed things?

How do you think the Lord feel? Imagine if you were married and your mate never spoke to you but beg you for things. As Christians we have a relationship with the Lord s we have to make time for him. We need to communicate with him. When you read the Bible, the Lord speaks to YOU. However, you know you have to be present and listening. Your relationship will not grow in the Lord if you do not communicate with him. That is where prayer comes in.

Disclaimer: If you are not a Christian the Lord doesn't hear your prayers so I am not talking about you. You do not have a relationship with him.

Many people like to say I pray but nothing happened. Well, then you need to get serious and examine what you are doing. If your relationship is not right, your communication will not be right either. The number one characteristic needed in any good relationship is good communication. If your prayers are being hindered then take a moment and see what you are doing wrong.

Your prayers will not be answered if:

1. You have NOT CONFESSED your sins to the Lord (read Is. 59: 1-2)
2. You have an UNFORGIVING Spirit (Matt. 6:14)
3. You are not ASKING the Lord (James 4:2)
4. You have BITTERNESS towards you mate or others (Job 42:10)
5. You have religion without a RELATIONSHIP with the Lord (Psalm 50:15-17)
6. You have IDOLATRY in your heart (what are you worshiping? The Lord will let you believe whatever foolishness you want to believe (Prov. 14:14)
7. You don't listen to the WORD of the Lord  (John 15:7)
8. You ask the Lord for things with selfish or wrong motives (Prov. 21:13)

Today, make time for the Lord. Ask the Lord to forgive of ALL your sins and just pray!