Achieving Your Vision

“The only people who fear death are those with regrets.”
~ Author Unknown

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Achieving Your Vision.

Achieving ones vision just doesn't happen. A desire and a plan is needed.

I am happy to share that this year my goal is to achieve as many things on my vision board as possible. This weekend I was able to go skiing. I do not know how to ski but it was a dream or should I say a desire I had. I really don't know where the desire came from because I was born on an island. But I am happy that I was able to check a dream off my bucket list.

Ladies you have to ask yourself, What do I really want?

Look at all the Olympic athletics, everyone who went to Sochi wanted to come home with the gold medal. Winners have years of strategic planning. They have action steps they can follow. They take the time to hone their skills with practice. They create a routine. Some even realize that some time in the process they may have to change their routine. They chose the right coach, some had to relocate, to be the best you need good advice and a plan.

What system do you have in place to achieve your goals in the next 3 months?

Without a plan you will not achieve your dreams on your vision board -- like going on that Hawaiian vacation or leaving your job and starting a business.

Why do some people seem to achieve their goals while others sit around wishing?

People who succeed have a well thought out plan. Analyze your goal. Think about the barriers that may stop you from moving forward. Then you need to counteract your strategy and believe in your ability to succeed with the Lord's help.

It is important to work towards achieving your goal. No one in their right mind want to live a life of regrets. No one on their death bed say they wished they worked harder or that they were happy that they missed all their kids school programs. Most people want to take time and reflect on their accomplishment, dreams and desires.

What are you doing to achieve your visions?