Is It Too Late to Live Your Dreams?

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Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea.

Let's talk about ...Is It Too Late to Live Your Dreams?

Many of you made a vision board; however, you secretly wonder if you still have time to achieve your dreams and desires?

You ask yourself, "Am I too old?" Well the answer is No! Its not too late.

People sometimes forget that some things in life are just for a season. The Lord may not want you to stay at home for 18 years with your child or work for the same employer for 30 years. For some people the Lord the Lord keeps whispering change in your life.
He gives you a constant dream or desire. You keep having a reoccurring dream or idea for a reason. For some people the Lord is tugging at your heart to change career, go or return back to school, or just getting fit.

Living your dreams is NOT an impossible desire. You have to trust the Lord and be open for change.
Take a moment ad check out your vision board again. What are three things you can attain this year or move towards achieving?

There are some things that you may not have an opportunity to do in the original manner. If you always wanted to be Miss America but you have gained weight over the years. You just have to change your focus without abandoning the dream. You could apply to be Mrs. Plus Size,
Mrs. Senior Citizen, Mrs. Something at your local fair.

I want you to look at the dream in a new light. Think of new ways you can get the experience of the dream. It is never too late to experience something new. Studies have found that most happy people make time to experience NEW things. The saddest thing I ever heard as a child was when an older church member shared she NEVER took a sick day at work or ever went on a vacation. I as a child just could not imagine such a boring life. I just couldn't imagine being stuck in such a rut.


I never got the opportunity to ask her why?

Take a moment an imagine, what would it be like to live your dreams? I challenge you to think of ways you can change your life this month. Some things we think are impossible or expensive are really not that difficult to attain. Its time to make the next move.

What can you do to move towards accomplishing your goals?