Jam Thursday: What I'm Learning About Myself


Faith Barista Bonnie Blogger
Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea.
Let's talk about ...Faith Barista Jam Thursday: What I'm Learning About Myself.

That is a hard question to answer. I feel I am still adventurous, flexible, creative, strong, stylish, and tenacious. It has taken me longer to figure out how to use my gifts in the kingdom.

Lately, I have been trying to embrace a minimal environment.
I like things to be organize in a creative manner. I have learned that I am not afraid of change.

Change is a good thing. I have become a full time blogger in this new season of my life. The other thing that I am learning is doing without much. I am an 1980's girl and love having nice things and stuff.

I have become a minimalist. I have learned to due without many things that were cluttering up my physical space. This is a hard thing to due, but a good thing. It is very therapeutic to get rid of thing. It leaves space for new adventures and ideas.

I was brave enough to get rid of so many small appliances that lived in my cabinets. Many I didn't use for years. Most were gifts. I even found an electric pie maker. I have pies. I don't even know who gave me a pie maker, lol.

I had things taking up space that I did not even use.

Just taking up space and making clutter. I realize that I need to be a better steward with the Lord's money with the space the Lord has given me. I put so many things in my space that I didn't leave room for the Lord to add what he thought was a good idea.

I am happy I took the time to donate many of my things which were almost new. I hope they find a wonderful home. I have learned that changing ones mindset is a good thing. It leaves room for the Lord to guide you in new directions.

What are you learning about yourself?