Mom Movies on the Rise

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Mom Movies on the Rise.

My loyal followers know I hate "corny" storyline. I have supported Christian programming since "way back when."

It started with the 10 Commandments, as a child, and later Bible Man, lol. I have to be honest, I have seen lots of  "cornball" Christian movies some I secretly wondered why in the world would someone invest their hard earn money in such garbage. I am interested in seeing how these two new films are going to explore motherhood in a fun manner.

I am interested in seeing Moms Night Out (Affirm Films/Sony Picture ) and the Single Moms Club (Secular/Tyler Perry Films). I am a mom and it is not an easy job even with a husband.

Moms Night Out (Affirm Films/Sony Picture )
is a fast-paced, family comedy about four moms scheduling a night out where everything can and will go wrong, yet it all turns out just fine in the end. I haven't been to a screening of the film which is coming out Mother's Day Weekend but Affirm Films goal is to produce wholesome faith-based films. I am hoping this will be a fun "girly" movie. I was sadden to see that there wasn't a multi-ethnic cast. I think Inspirational Films need examine their casting.

Tyler Perry has been trying to get away from his Madea's Family series. Single Moms Club (Secular/Tyler Perry Films) is a comedy about moms brought together by an incident at their children's school, a group of single mothers from different walks of life bond, and create a support group that helps them find comedy in the obstacles of life. I am excited about seeing this movie because of the mom theme and how women with children can all relate even if you are different.

I hope Tyler Perry gets this right. His writing has been improving for years or he is hiring better writers. Tyler Perry is more secular than Christian so don't be surprise if this movie includes fornication.

Tyler Perry tries to produce wholesome secular comedy. He films are not Christian even though Christians support him.

Some say his genre is gospel because he has a gospel song in a few of his films and plays. Has he ever professed a.k.a. out his mouth that he was a Christian?

I did see him lay hands on T.D. Jakes even though he is not a minister or have a degree in theology. Some have stated he has been a closet gay for years, well then, for the purpose of my blog entry I characterize his work as secular. I don't want you to see the film and be offended because I have not reviewed it.

I am excited to see that Hollywood is getting interested in mom issues. As you prepare for the Spring make plans to hang out with your Christian girlfriends and plan a Moms Night Out. See the movie and then discuss the movie at dinner.