The Fight for Traditional Marriage.

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Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... The Fight for Traditional Marriage.

The fight for traditional marriage is not a new thing at all. It has been an issue since 249 A.D. That was when history says St.Valentine first took a stand for traditional marriage. I am talking one man and one woman.

Ladies, today make time to do something "sweet" for your hubbie. Valentine Day is a great holiday that promotes traditional marriage in church history.

Married women need to embrace the day and not just look for getting flowers, candy and dinner from your husband. You should also be thinking of ways you can celebrate your husband and your marriage.

Ladies think of something exciting and creative to do with your husband. Sometimes when you have been married for some time you can get stuck in a rut. You can take your mate for granted or you both just get tired and boring.

What was it that first attracted you to your mate? What things does your mate do that you love? What does your husband do that makes you laugh? Single couples should not be having more fun on this day than married couples. It is a day you celebrate your union in the presence of God.

In case you have forgotten, The celebration of St. Valentine Day is still recognized in some churches like the Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Greek Orthodox. Many other Christian churches have not made a public statement about the day. It is not a religious holiday or anything so some churches just have remained silent and just ignore talking about it.

There are many stories about the origin of the of St. Valentine and this world wide holiday. St. Valentine, a priest, defied the order of the emperor Claudius who state that young men could not get married because they would not be good soldiers. At that time polygamy was a preferred practice. St. Valentine secretly married couples in the church so that the husbands wouldn’t have to go to war. St. Valentine was caught and sent to prison. He was tortured for performing traditional marriage.

Do not make excuses today, think of what you can do to bring back the spark? When you first got married you would get excite by his voice, letters, phone call, etc. It takes work to keep a good marriage. If you normally look like a frumpy wife. Today you need to bring out your inner DIVA!
I know some "old time" Christian women are prudish but sex is a good thing in marriage. Make it happen Sisters in Christ. Read Songs of Songs together. Pull out the candles. Don't forget the aromatherapy. If you don't have funds for a romantic dinner on the town or a getaway. Make it happen at home with a little creativity. You can make your own coupon which your husband can redeem. If you are single go sit down somewhere and wait until you have a ring on your fingers.

Imagine human love between one man and one woman and sexuality is such a wonderful thing bless by the Lord. This is a great day to celebrate the one you love.