Do You Need Freedom From Your Past?

31 Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Ephesians 4:31 (ESV)

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Do You Need Freedom From Your Past?

Have you been trying to achieve some of your dreams and desires in your life but you keep hitting a brick wall? Do you feel like you are getting close to achieving your dreams but something still feels like its not quite right?

Have you ever thought about unforgiveness in your heart that you may be holding that is causing hinderance to your dreams? Unforgiveness can take on many forms:

1. A Grudge (who knows how these start)
2. Not Willing to Forgive Someone Who Offended You
3. A Resentful Attitude

When we hold unforgiveness in our heart it really hurt us. It turns to more serious things like anger,  hatred, and resentment in our lives. In order to have a more fulfill life Christians have to learn to let things go by dealing with the issue and trying to solve the problem or learn from it. How can the Lord mold you and use your gifts if you are still being controlled by the past.

Is there a person, issue, or situation you need to pray about resolving? You have to try to release all bondage in your life and not just ignore situations. Its important to make room for the Lord so you can hear his voice. What issue do you need to deal with right now so you can move forward towards your destiny? Are you living with the shame of your ancestors? Some of us may not have issues with a certain person but our issue may be generational. Are you living with the shame of your ancestors? Do you need to pray about your family generational issues that may be affecting your life and stopping you from your true destiny?

 Don't worry about the past. The past is over, done so let it go. You can not change or relive the past.
Well the Lord forgives your past but for some reason we continue to believe that things that happen to us is so unforgettable from the Lord. The Enemy will make you think that you are unworthy.
You will even make up things in your head about people not trusting you. You will even start to question your relationship with the Lord. No matter your past you have to make your mind up that you will just Trust the Lord.

As you work towards living your dreams and passions. Pray to the Lord about any unforgiveness in your heart. Be open for the Lord to mold you in a manner he needs to, let go of those thoughts and issues that have been holding you back or keeping you in bondage. It is time for Christian women to leave their mental Egypt (remember the Israelites), and be set free. It normally begins with unforgiveness.

You may still be stuck in unforgiveness, but don’t know it, if . . .
-You don’t know who they are.  ™      
-You can’t believe God desires great things for them and has given them the potential to achieve.
-You don’t study God’s Word enough to know the truth about their freedom.  ™      
-You have accepted another’s word for reality other than accepting what God has to say.

How about you, How do you deal with unforgiveness?