Having A Positive Life

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Having A Positive Life.
There is power in your thoughts. You can choose to be more positive about YOUR life by:

1. Do not compare your life to others. Your life journey is your own. Comparison causes resentment and negative attitudes. If you want to move from "Negative Nelly" to "Positive Polly" you have to accept your life. Make things happens. Plan new experiences.

2. Take a moment and be honest with yourself. You have to answer those hard questions so you can move forward. Why do you feel you are stuck and not achieving your goals? Why haven't you moved forward with your goals? You have to become honest with yourself.

3. Make a plan. You need to write an action plan to reach your goals.You will not become a millionaire without a job. You can't become a doctor without going to college and then medical school and then pass your exams. If your goal is to loose weight you have to be proactive. Make an appointment with your doctor, see a nutritionist, and make a plan for your fitness program. Ladies some times we forget as we grow older we gain weight because of so many hormonal changes and menopausal issues. Don't compare yourself to others evaluate your body and then move forward.

4. Stay positive about your life journey. Live a life of contentment. When you begin to change your mindset you will begin to see your life in a new way. Take time to pray and talk to the Lord. Get rid of negative people in your life. Find people who enjoy the things you like to do. There are all types of support groups and MEETUP websites. If you want to start a business hang out with business owners.

5. Start doing things you love. Life will become more positive when you do what you love to do.What are some loves or hobbies you have given up or ignored over the years?

I love the video above. The dancer use to love dancing when she was much smaller. She had weight issues over the years. However, she decided to give up her first love because she felt a fat girl couldn't dance. I love the video because it seems like she is so happy. She seems like she was set free.

6. Stop Making Excuses. Do not make excuse for behaving badly. You are only hurting yourself with your negative attitude. How many life experiences have you missed out on? How many family reunions, jobs, potential relationships, vacations, or fun outings have ignored? How many blessings have the Lord tried to send your way but couldn't because your thoughts were filled with possible failure? and not Trust?

The Lord wants to give you the desire of your heart but can her penetrate through your negative thoughts? Pray and ask the Lord to take control of your thoughts and to help you to become a more positive person. There is a saying that what one think, one becomes.

What do you think the Lord wants you to become with your attitude?