Making the Move

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... Making the Move.

This year is all about Making the Move. Stop making excuses. Yes, I am talking about you.
Year after year, you find yourself with lots of dreams and ideas but for some reason you don't believe it is possible to live your dreams. This year I am trying to encourage you to step out on faith/

Stepping out don't mean that you will quit your job and by tomorrow you are going to land a million dollar contract. This may take years or it may not happen in your life time.

Stepping out on faith just mean you were blessed with a vision or idea and you feel this is something you have to do, no matter what. Stepping out on faith and making the move only mean that you are willing to trust the Lord and move without understanding how everything will come together.

Making the Move means you are willing to move just because the Lord told  you. You have to trust that it will all come together. You know when the Lord is speaking to you.

I am excited because here at Inspiring Sisters we are growing because of you. Thank you so much
for following us at this blogger, Twitter, reading our blog, sending me an email, etc. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY thank you. I hope you feel appreciated.

We are still developing Inspiring Sisters Network. Our new home website is We are developing into a full service media network. Conferences, Prodcast TV, Internet Radio and a magazine is coming soon. Our staff is working hard and trusting the Lord that we will continue to grow and make money to supply everyone needs.

On May 1st for National Day of Prayer we will be hosting a PRAYER LINE, so I want you to come and pray with us about our nation. We will post the schedule next week. I don't want anyone to forget that we are a ministry. We are her to draw women to Christ and keep them living a blessed Christian life.

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