New Beginnings For Your Blog

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...New Beginnings.

Have you ever felt you needed a "do over" or new beginning. Well we all know Jesus believes in second chances. Have you ever had the opportunity to redo a mistake? How about changing your plan on achieving your dreams?

Since turning this blog into a fulltime business I feel I need to make some changes. This blog needs to make an income in order for my ministry vision to be achieved.

I am not going to lie, it has been hard work, long hours of reading and reading. It is hard trying to stay above the poverty line with no paycheck. It is hard trying to run an upstart in an isolated field.
Where is an Internet millionaires when you need to talk to one? (Scammers I am not talking to you).

When you decide its time for a New Beginning in your life, you need to tweek the plan. How are you going to change the original plan or vision?

I've been trying to increase our advertising with some productive companies. After 5 years ADSENSE finally approved this site. We will be moving soon to:

What steps do you need to take to achieve the vision?
We have developed some short term goals and our long term goals includes: Inspiring Sisters Magazine,  Inspiring Sisters Online Conference, or Guest for our Prodcast/You Tube Video.

How can you improve something you are already doing?
We have many followers on various social media and we are encouraging them to also come and visit our blog and become a FOLLOWER on the blog and subscribe to the RSS. We are also asking our blog readers to share their talents and gifts with your blog.

What kind of partnership can you establish for your dreams to come true?
Here at Inspiring Sisters we are seeking partners to work with, we are need:
-Product Review for things of interest to Christian Women
-Advertising, Contest or Giveaways
-Blog Features, Vbloging, Internet Radio Guests
-Writing: Guest Blogging, Online Magazine Submission
-Speaking: Conference Calls, Womens Workshops, Conferences, Retreats, Online events, etc.

What are something you think we need to change or
add to this blog?

Leave a comment.