15 Family Summer Bucket List Activities

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Family Summer Bucket List Activities.

Summer is around the corner. If you don't write down your plans and ideas the summer will be over. I am making my list and checking it twice. Take a few moments and make your list for your own family. What are some things you want your children to experience? What do you want to experience? What are things you have said for your years you and the family is going to do?

I want my family to . . .

1. Great summer reading. I am a EDUCATOR so reading is very important to me. I have made my children read one classic literature, one fun and one biography every summer. I just require one book a month. At the end of the summer they have to give the family a speech. My children work and make money but like most American children they enjoy being consumers. However as a self-employed, stay at home mom I have some concern about their college finance, I really been eyeing... 

Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze

2. Gardening with my sons. I don't have a green thumb but I have this fantasy of this garden where I have broccoli, spinach, corn and snow peas. I don't want or like tomatos they grow too much. I always try to garden in pots since I live in a fabulous small house. 

3. Make homemade ice cream. I plan to step up our American sundaes. I'm an island girl with memories of homemade grape nuts, avocado, rum and raisin ice cream. I plan to teach my kids this summer. If someone has a Caribbean recipe for rice pudding that you make in the refrigerator please, please, please email me the recipe.

4. Fish fly on my new deck. My deck is being built by family members...I think this is summer two, lol. Isn't that awful. We are dreaming of a big fish fly.

5. Decorate our homeschool room. I love all things creative so we are working on our over the top homeschool room that I plan to create for under $200.00. My issue is I was a secular and Christian school teacher as well as an art teacher for over 15 years so I books galore. I have been trying to decide if I need to find some old crates or build my own book case out of wood. I don't want to throw away my books because I plan to donate them to a library after my last child graduates from high school.

6. Bike riding by water. We need to take our bike riding out of the neighborhood and go 
for a 3- mile journey.

7. Listen to a concert at the park. I want to get my blanket and pack a basket and listen to a concert at the park. I always say I am going to do it but never make the time to do it.

8. Visit our state capital like a tourist. I think sometimes you don't appreciate where you live because you see it with a different eye.

9. Go fishing as family. We are anglers and love spending time on the water. Its just forces you to slow down.

10. Video Night Marathon. We will have a family night of videos. A real all- night showdown. My sons love it because I think they love to beat me but its their parents participating in their hobbies. Think of a way to overdose on something your kids love. Play barbie all night, movie night, etc.

11. Take my boys to a traditional Japanese restaurant. I want my boys to experience a restaurant where they take off their shoes and sit on the floor  etc.. I think we don't encourage boys to have new experiences and they grow up to be so boring and their wives can't get them to do anything.

12. Finish my book. I plan to complete my ebook and actually get it published on amazon.

13. Complete my closet. I have been working on my clothes closet for about a year. I want to add a chandelier in my closet. Why should movie stars have all the fun with their closets. I need to just finish what II have started and decide on a great color.

14. Homeschool Activities Finalize. I don't just want to stay in the house and homeschool. I was told everyone has this dream in the beginning but when they get started they seem to never leave the house. I don't want to be that homeschooler. The point of me homeschooling is my belief in the School Without Walls. I have found some cool programs in my area. I had to join about 7 homeschool support groups to get the information but we will only be active in about two.

I didn't realize how segregated many homeschoolers groups are. I just thought Christians were a little more inclusive. I've had to be creative and I am even trying to start a playgroup. Our science co op will have kids of different religion which is a first for my child because he has always gone to Christian Schools. The program is taught my homeschool moms with advance Science degrees and its hands on. 

15.  Find a Homeschool Mom Support Group. I need to find a Christian Homeschool moms groups that includes bible study and other activities since I will not be under an umbrella school.

How about your family, what do you want to do this summer?