Lord, You Want Me to Homeschool?

“The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.”


Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about when the Lord calls, do you answer? My call this spring ... To Homeschool?

I thought I was expanding my blog business; however, the Lord gave me a U-turn moment, lol.

I have always admired homeschooling families from afar, I just never thought I would get the call. You may not realize that I have spent years advancing my education by obtaining my degrees.

How in the world could I justify staying home? It not really my plan is it? I have been living a frugal life for some time so I do not have the debt many of my peers seem to have. I have no school loan. Our cars are paid off and my house is almost paid off. I just thought I was saving my money for some fun vacations, but the Lord had HIS plan. My job is to be obedient. I tried to make excuses as to why this wouldn't work.

I am the only mom in my area Homeschooling.  According to Urban Intellectuals.com, 100,000 African American families in the U.S.A. home school their children so I am in no way the first person to do this, lol.

My child needs to socialize with his peers. My area has several Co ops of every type. Many offer P.E., art, miusic, field trips, and academic classes. I was surprise that their were such variety. I still haven't figured it all out but since my son is interested in the medical field I need a Co op that will emphasize hands-on science.

I am going feel out of touch with adults. Moms have to stay at most Co ops, you don't just drop your child off. Homeschoolers are very organized. If you want there are many organizations to get involve with.
You can also find many homeschoolers online. The Lord led me to websites below,  they may not all be Christians; however, the Lord showed me it can be done.

The Blessed Heritage Chronicles   http://blessedheritagechronicles.com
Domestic Serenity  http://www.domesticserenity.org
Pursuing What is Excellence  http://www.kelanellums.com/
A Academy of Our Own   http://anacademyofourown.blogspot.com
Mommy The Teacher   http://www.mommytheteacher.com
Chocolate Covered Boy Joy  http://chocolatecoveredboyjoy.blogspot.com
Hip Hop Homeschoolers  http://hiphophomeschoolers.wordpress.com/
LaToya Edwards Circle  https://plus.google.com/+LaToyaEdwards/posts

"Why in the world would you homeschool?" many asked me. The Lord had to remind me of how I have been feeling this past year even thought my child is a straight A student. I felt he wasn't being challenged academically even though he has been on the HEADMASTER List 4 times. I felt that he was starting to become bored.

My other issue is most Christian Schools do not have a gifted or advance class in elementary school. I have been thinking of ways to supplement his education but that if often costly. I asked the Lord to show me how I could give my child a $25,000 - $30,000 preparatory education at home. Most of the wonderful preparatory schools in my area do not use the traditional public school model of education, mmm.

Am I equip for this job? The Lord had to remind me that he has already equip me for the journey. He equips all of us before he ask us to move. The Lord reminded me of my Masters Thesis on Learning Styles. He reminded me of all the books I have read over the years on education. He reminded me of the difference in education I noticed as a child coming to America. He reminded me of all my life experiences. Then I came up with classical education. I didn't even realize that I taught for 10 years at a classical education private school because everyone interpret classical education differently.

What guide will I use?
Our family have decide to begin homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason/Marva Collins method. These two educators both believed in the classical model with a twist.

Charlotte Mason grew up in a certain time where she was not exposed to cultural diversity. I love the fact she wants us to use living book and not TWADDLE. I think this method is also cost effective.

Charlotte Mason may not have known about Classical African descendant artists but I will incorporate diversity in my program. If she would have been more exposed I think she would have included artist such as trumpeter John Blanke  who served England's King Henry VII and VIII, or violinist Le Chevalier de Saint-George who was also a volunteer in the French Revolution. She may not have read the Three Musketeer or the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I think Charlotte Mason real curriculum would be more diverse because in her real life she financed many African American artist from the Harlem Renaissance. It was said in many newspapers of the time that she was curious about the spiritual closeness African Americans seem to have with the Lord.

Marva Collins figured out how to incorporate classical education for children of color. She started Westside Preparatory School. Her method is classical and she modifies the Socratic Methods for elementary students. I love her books, she makes it plain. Students who were labeled as special education in public school she worked with and they excelled in her schools  I never got a chance to take one of her training programs; but I am amazed how the majority of her students went on to achieve in higher education. She is all about expanding the logic of students, especially African American. If you haven't heard of her methods read:
  • Marva Collins' Way, by Marva Collins with Civia Tamarkin
  • The Marva Collins method; a manual for educating and motivating your child by Marva Collins
Problems I anticipate?
I am a frugualnista so why do I keep making excuses? The cost of the curriculum can get expensive but I made it work as a classroom teacher. I may have to purchase things for Math and Science the rest I should be okay since the Charlotte Mason/ Marva Collins methods are not big on workbooks.

I am leaning toward Mason Nature Study and may just use the program below. I have only found  http://memoriapress.com/curriculum/science/book-insects

Grades 4+
Book of Insects
Brett Vaden & Laura Bateman

If the Lord have called you to homeschooling, how has the transition been for you? How do you keep your curriculum cost down?