Out of Control Life: Michelle Aguilar

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Michelle Aguilar --I Am Second.
What is it that you are trying to control in life. What are some of your dreams and desires. Is your goals in line with the Lord's goal for your life? If you are a Christian you have to realize that the Lord doesn't equate success by the world's standard. There is no such thing as name it and claim it or get rich quick. The Lord is just not going to bless all of us with millions of dollars. He may give you the gift of motherhood, marriage, singleness or something else.

Peace, Joy, Happiness is a priceless thing most millionaires wish they could experience. I always remember one of Michael Jackson's friends saying all he wanted and was willing to pay for was a good night sleep. We forget stress, torment, and unhappiness can cause many people from not being able to sleep at night. All the man wanted was peace.

I am getting ready for a VISION BOARD check in. Check out my previous posts. I conduct Christian Vision Parties where we pray about the Lords desire for our life. We pray and ask the Lord what is it that is stopping us from moving forward. It is normally issues that have to do with unconfessed sins and unresolved issues. We go back and examine our boards and the ladies talk about their issues their success, what is holding them back, their fears, etc. Michelle's testimony reminds me to remind you that ultimately the Lord is in control of all that is happening in our life. We have to be ready and be willing to grow from whatever he places in our path of success.

How about you, Are you feeling like your life is out of control?