How to Deal With Difficulties

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea.  Let's talk about ... How to Deal With Difficulties.

A teacher once said to me "what doesn't kill you, will make you stronger." Of course that is not a biblical statement. I think that may even be a song she was quoting. T

he truth is that everyone at one time or the other will find themselves faced with some hardship. It can
 me a relationship, financial or work related. The point is really, how will you handle it? The word
reminds us difficulties isn't a new thing:

Watch yourselves, so that you may not lose what we have worked for, but may win a full reward -2John1:8 ESV

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.-Romans 5-8 ESV

Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet? -Amos 3:3

 Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.-John 17:17

I don't know what your facing today. But I know who to go to who can solve any problem under the sun.
Why waste your time worrying, Just stop! and pray about it. Give the Lord a chance to solve your problems.

Let it go.

Trust the Lord to make things better. Do I need to remind you that He has the power in hands to solve your issues. Once you truly release your issues to him, then you too can sing "Its a Beautiful Day," by Jamie Grace.

Its so very important that we not dwell on things we can not change. We have to realize that we do not control our life. We have to understand that some things are all in the WILL of the Lord. You can choose how you will deal with things when difficulties arise.

Every time I play the song in my car, my kids scream "Not again!" This is my little reminder that things will and can get better.Take a moment and listen to the video above. I know it will put a smile on your face.
Like does for me.

I think about the following when I listen to parts of the song:

Wake Up And Smile -  Sisters, its easy to be mad about nothing. Its harder to wake up and look in the mirror and smile at yourself.

Strong in the Face - I don't want to be strong in the face, I want my heart to be strong.

Your My Refuge I Can't Wait To Get To-  The Lord is my place of rest.

Your Sunshine Shines on My Face- I feel a peace when I release my issues to the Lord;

I'm About to Get My Worship On- I give the Lord all the praise and honor.

When Trouble Seems to Rain on My dreams- I don't worry, I trust the journey the Lord has for me.

In You I am Free- Amen! We have to all learn to LET IT GO!

Won't Let A Day Go By- I make time to thank the Lord, even ahead of the blessings.

Its A Beautiful Day- It reminds me of the promises of the Lord.

I Don't Got Room for Doubts- Trust and doubt don't go together.

Your Amazing Grace- I don't deserve anything but He give me grace.

I Am About to Sing a Brand New Song- I can't continue to operate like I don't the Lord.

I love the song because the words speak to my heart. I hope it will speak to yours too. How do you deal
with Difficulties in your life? Please post a comment.