Top 5 Books Christian Divas Are Reading

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... Top 5 Books Christian Divas Are Reading. What are you reading this summer? Are you reading any good Christian Fiction?

I don't know about you but I love to read in the summer especially on the beach.
I will spend 8 hours and just read. I get very angry when the book I chose is terrible because 
the environment is right, the sun is right and all I need is for the book to be good. I love to read fictions on the beach but that is my thing. I especially love Historical Christian Fiction which are few and far between. Let me be honest finding a good Christian book is hard to find period. Some writers are just awful and their characters stereotypical Christians. You know I hated scary Christians and I hate books where the main characters are these weird scary people.

I tend to go by recommendations as to what book to check out first. Sometimes I buy books and put them on my shelf and then I discover them years later, lol. Here are a few books my social media pals told me were great or they are reading. I took an inform poll and tried to narrow down my list.

1. Then Came Hope

The Civil War is over. She wants to get far away from her cruel former mistress, but the world beyond the plantation is a frightening, unknown wilderness. He has fought the good fight in Union blue; now he must fight his way home through a hostile, defeated South. Delia was born a slave and then physically and emotionally battered all of her seventeen years. Finally free, she strikes out on her own, making friends with a little band of former slaves and a handsome black soldier, Ezra Johns.

Reign: The Chronicles of Queen Jezebel


This book the choice Jezebel had to make between the gods of her homeland or the God of the land she ruled.  The love of her husband or the revenge she craved. Her decision could bring her all she desired...or destroy it for eternity.

Sins of the Mother

3. Forever an Ex

Three Los Angeles women who've helped each other overcome heartbreak 
are reunited eight years later when their troublesome exes come back into 
the picture in this follow up to Victoria Christopher Murray's bestselling novel 
The Ex Files.

 But old wounds are reopened when her ex-husband appears with his fiancĂ©e--
a woman! And all of Sheridan's insecurities and doubts come rushing back.
 Kendall's former husband is now married to Kendall's sister, Sabrina. 
And though Kendall has refused to interact with either one in the last seven years, 
she's forced to reunite with Sabrina when their father is diagnosed with cancer. 
Asia has done her best to move away from her married boyfriend, a former star 
with the LA Lakers. But when they share a kiss, old desires are rekindled and 
Asia decides that it's time for her and Bobby Johnson to get back together again.

Stand By Me, SouledOut Sisters Series #1   -     By: Neta Jackson
4. Stand By Me 
Avis Douglas and her husband, Peter, have dreamed of selling his software business 
to finance a two year mission effort in South Africa. But when the economy crashes, 
they're suddenly faced with the real possibility of bankruptcy.
When one of the co-pastors of SouledOut Community Church passes away suddenly,
 Avis and Peter are asked to step in and assist with the leadership of the church in the 
interim, but that creates an all-black leadership, fanning some subtle racial issues in their
 multi-cultural church. As tensions mount, they wrestle with returning to a traditional church 
where things would be easier.

5. In the Field if Grace

Destitute, grief-stricken, and unwanted by the people of God, Ruth arrives in Israel
 with nothing to recommend her but Naomi's, love. Her loftiest hope is to provide 
enough food to save Naomi and herself from starvation.

But God has other plans for her life. While everyone considers Ruth an outcast, 

she is astounded to find one of the most honored men of Judah showing her favor. 
Long since a widower and determined to stay that way, Boaz is irresistibly drawn to 
the foreign woman with the haunted eyes.