Whose Running Your Life?

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Whose Running Your Life?

Do you have people in your life who are trying to control your life? If you get angry because you are not getting your way, you need to stop and check yourself. How would those close to you describe you? Would those close to you say you are angry, spoiled, big brat, always cussing or something just s mad?

Well, have you ever thought that you may be a controller or manipulator. You act out because you are not in control of the person or situation. Deep down you are a fearful person who may be a little insecure.I am not saying your a bad person but if you are doing this you just have to change and start pleasing the Lord.

Can you tell if someone is trying to control or manipulate you or your life? Yes you can tell. Look for some of these signs:

1. THE PERSON IS CLOSE TO YOU IN PROXIMITY (spouse, family member, friend, coworker or boss) Those close to use seem to be the main people who try to control our lives. Remember Adam & Eve, Sarah & Hagar, or Peter & Jesus but that doesn't make it right.

Many controllers and manipulators will try to make threats towards you are try to guilt you out. If the person makes a treat they make you feel that they will punish you. If you do not do what they want. These people will also use guilt often. Delilah told Samson, "IF you LOVED me, you would..." that is the oldest statement used to make a person feel they are not being loyal. Let us not forget, many controllers and manipulators will give you the silent treatment and wait for you to worry and fret about what is wrong with them. If you deal with this type of person you have to realize they are dealing with a lot of mess in their head.

Jesus recognized when Peter was trying to manipulate him. Awh! You need to stop and think about those in your life who have been using you as a "doormat" for years. If you continue to allow someone to take over and control your life, guess what!?! The Lord did tell you to allow others to walk over you. However if you continue this road, I want to remind you--this is a sin. It is more likely called IDOLATRY.

The Lord wants us to please HIM. Letting people control YOUR life is not pleasing to the Lord. The Lord despite all his power never tries to control our life, he give us FREE will. Why do you think that you have to be in control or let others control you?

 Does it have to do with your lack of trust?

Are you really trusting the Lord? It is not about you and your talents or ability. You have to TRUST that the Lords is in control and things will end up according to HIS will.

Let's cut to the chase, if you are trying to be controlling or manipulating, let me let you know that you are practicing WITCHCRAFT!

If you are struggling with being a controlling sister, guess what? The Lord can help you deal with your little issue. Before you go blog hoppin.

STOP! Let's pray about your controlling issue.