Christians Not Doing Their Best

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Christians Not Doing their Best.

What is in a name? Do you define yourself as a Christian? Are you one of those people who love quoting the bible but you don't actually live the word? As Christians we tend to react to things and situation and sometimes we are not transparent as we know the Lord want us to be. I guess because we have a fear that we may hurt or discourage someone.

I am personally sick of running into "trifling" Christians, I don't know how else to say it. From the rude clerk working at the Christian bookstore to that hairdresser who is always late but blast her gospel music. I am even sick of that bible quoting homeschool co-op trying to shake families down with one more fundraiser or fees.

Well, now let me get all in your business.

How would your friends, employers and neighbors describe you and your work? I have been noticing something lately, maybe its just an east coast thing but I am running into more and more so called "Christians" who are not living up to a standard of excellence.

You know those people I am talking about those who come to work late and lleave early, those who "borrow" supplies from work, those who ask their friends to sign them in on the time clock and know they are stealing time. Those so called Christians who do not operate in their gifts.

You know those people I am talking about those who have programs at the church who never heard from the voice of the Lord or even took the time to plan their program out. Those who want the credit but are not willing to do the work to get the credit. I am also sick of those of you who straight pimp the church you know who you are... you might not be selling goods in the church but you are very close.

 I just want to let you know that other Christians notice your ways and we are sick and tire of you. I wish I had the opportunity to flip a table just to get your attention. If you call yourself a Christian it should mean something. It means my example is Christ. It means I am humbling myself to his word.
I means I operate only after consulting him. It means in the barest term that I die, my desire dies.

I am so tired of "bobo head" Christians. Those of you who have been in church so long that now its just a ritual or game to you. However, you are leading Christian ministries you are in no way qualified to lead.

If you open a Christian school it should be the best school around. Why nickle and dime people? why lie to parents. Why are you not taking the time to make your program excellent? That is what Jesus would do. Why do churches continue to let their cousins, uncles, or father become Deacons, Elders or Pastors when everyone knows they called themselves for these positions? I am sick and tired that there is no quality control person out there to measure all those people, products, ministries that call themselves Christians. There are a bunch of trashy mess out their under the label of Christianity when it is so obvious that these people or leaders of ministries have forgotten to that the time to read Christ word.

I hope you are a different person, I hope that nonbelievers look at you and what you do and smile and say, Wow? Now, that is a Christian.


  1. I think the church today too closely resembles the Corinthian church. 1 Corinthians 5:11 tells us not to associate with those that call themselves brothers, but do not behave as brothers in Christ. Too many people take the stance that it isn't our place to judge others and they are correct it is not a Christians place to judge a nonbeliever; however, it is our duty as Christians to help call each other out on our sins and hold each other accountable. We need to do this out of love for each other and when someone calls us out on our sins we need to accept it in love.

  2. I agree. Thanks so much.


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