Why I Quit My Co op

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea.

 Let's talk about ... Why I Quit My Co op. Isn't that awful! I had to quit my co op.

Well, you all know this is my
first year homeschooling. I am a excited newbie, homeschooling a high schooler and an elementary school student.

I had all these great ideas about my vision for our homeschool experience. I wanted to give my kids a great Christian educational experience.

I didn't think I could do everything on my own so I thought why not join a Christian co op where I could have the best of both worlds. They could meet other Christian homeschoolers and be a part of the Christian homeschool community. I have older kids so connecting with a group for socialization is so important. We also were seeking stimulating class experiences

.My kids were bored in traditional school so we were looking for unusual class offerings or classes taught in an interactive manner. I wanted some of the social things that make school fun like Spirit Days, dances and stimulating field trips. My kids wanted cooking, music, fencing, science. tennis, Spanish, Latin, and Logic classes. We really thought it would be easy to find this for older homeschoolers.

Well, it is not easy to find resources for older homeschoolers and not everyone shares the same vision. The program we joined did not meet the vision advertised. The program was a little classical but the staff didn't seem to understand what that quite meant.

I was a bit angry that this church
co-op didn't do things as advertised. However, I did hear the voice of the Lord tell me to leave right away.

It is so hard to stop or quick something when it just started and you notice things are not going right.
After 8 weeks of driving a hour away we final took a stand and said enough is enough. We were so disappointed that our vision just died. It was so quick. I felt I was not only betrayed by traditional school but also by homeschoolers. Change can be difficult but when the Lord tells you to do something you have to listen. He knows the ins and outs. He knows the drama to come. I thank the Lord for giving me the strength to regroup and move on. Later we found out other seasoned homeschoolers felt the same way about the program but since they had history with the director they would stay and remain silent.

I was so happy I stepped out on faith because the Lord led us to a better group. It is through a local museum. The program is larger and more organized. The best thing is that it is so close to my house.
I felt the whole situation was a teachable moment. I was able to teach my kids the importance of leaving a situation when things seem wrong and being confident in your decisions once you pray about your situations.

When a situation isn't right the Lord tells us but sometimes we are not paying attention. I told my oldest son imagine if you went to a college party and you saw things in a room that look like drugs but you were not sure what was going on but you hear the whisper of the Lord telling you to leave. What do you do? Sometimes all the Lord does is give us a whisper or thought and it may be quick. You may not have time to make a decision.

After my 8 week adventure with the wrong co-op the Lord is leading me to develop that co-op I was dreaming about because there is a need for good Christian examples in homeschooling in my area. If your going to do something for the Lord we need to give the Lord our best. We need to take time and organize and do things right. The Lord does not operate in confusion. When you see hints of disorganization and chaos that is a hint that something isn't quite right. The Lord can't bless you if your under the headship of mess.

**Let us know if you ever had issues with co ops or co-op classes or play groups.


  1. Anonymous4.3.15

    I am so sorry you had to have such an awful experience as a newbie. Many churches are not serious about bringing people to Christ. Unfortunately, in Maryland I have had better luck with non religious co-ops which is an awful thing to say but it is so true. Many so called Christian leaders have big egos.


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