Do You Take Time to Rest?


Thanks for Hoppin By, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... Do you take time to rest?

I know taking time to rest is hard for most moms. We live in a world where we feel the pressure to be plugged in. I recently heard someone at church brag that they never take a day off from work... or they were so proud to say that they never use their vacation day.

I just came back from by Caribbean adventure in December so I really can't relate. Is this practice is a generational thing?

Why in the world would anyone deny themselves of REST?

Who cares that when you retire you will get a check for unused leave? I never heard of such a practice. The thing that got me was that this church sister was acting life this practice was some sort of biblical thing to show her dedication.

The bible reminds us that the Lord rested on the Sabbath. Growing up in my home we were not allowed to do any kind of work at all. No completing homework, washing clothes, folding, going out besides church and serving dinner. My mom completed a majority of our Sunday dinner on Saturday. I guess, by todays standard that may be harsh; however, this reminded me that Sunday was a different type of day.

Most people have vacation days as a benefit or perk for working at a company. Why in the world wouldn't one enjoy it. I sat there and thought about how many fun family events one would miss. How many family traditions that could have been made. Imagine, how much ones quality of life could have changed if one just took the time to separate and relax?

In Mark 6:31 it reminds us, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat.

It is not  a sin to enjoy life or take some time to just relax. Vacation doesn't have to be expensive.
You can take a day trip or even a stay-cation at home. If you like a little adventure you can visit National Parks, or just go to the beach. I think everyone should take time and do something for themselves.

I don't know if this thought is an isolated issue however, I hope all Modern Christian women are not afraid to take a vacation somewhere or just take time to relax. The reality is that when you decide to leave your job. Your position will more than likely be replaced. It is so important for everyone to take a mental break. This affects your health and you should me important to yourself.

I am just curious, how many of you don't take a yearly vacation and why?