Downsizing to Free Yourself for God

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about Downsizing to Free Yourself for God.

I know many of you love prosperity preaching. However, I would like some of you to analyze what you are doing with a our stuff and prosperity to help the kingdom of God?

Everyone love nice things. We all love an upgrade from our cellphones to our Smart TV's. But for some of us the Lord have been trying to get our attention to tell us we need a total lifestyle change. We need to move our thinking from more to less.

In a capitalistic society having less sounds crazy. However, the Lord tell us in his word to be good stewards. That means with our money and possessions. What does that mean in reference to our lifestyle? The Lord loves to bless us but many of our families are not living on a level where our lifestyle is really a blessing to others. If you feel the Lord is urging you to downsize. I want to encourage you that this is an attainable goal. It is possible despite all the American consumerism to downsize your life and help others. Living a downsize life can be emotionally and spiritually freeing.

Some of you  may feel this is a nice concept but the Lord has been speaking to someone that its time to make a drastic change. My challenge to every reader is to just find one closet and just clean it out totally. If its 100% full try to cut it down to half full then a quarter. Let the spirit of the Lord move you to the right amount of change is right for you. The hardest part for most people is actually letting go of the stuff you think you need or want.

Some people the Lord is telling you to downsize your car or house. Some people the Lord has stirred up a ministry that you can't do because you are bound by stuff. Everyone in America have been socialize to think you need more and more stuff. It's always hard to change your life but once you do you will feel so free to hear the voice of the Lord.


  1. Amen my sister in Christ! This post was meant for me and definitely confirmation to what God has been speaking to my spirit. Thank you for sharing!


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