It Time to Eat Clean

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Eating Clean.

On a recent trip to the grocery store I decided to take the time to read labels. I was so surprised to see that many of my normal packaged food was filled with Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), hormones and preservatives, even the most simple item was filled with so much chemicals. That began my quest for a change. I almost went into the stock room to find a package food that was free from GMOs. That's when I decided to investigate this "Clean Eating" rage.

The term "Clean Eating" is in all the media outlets, but what does it mean to eat clean? It is simply just eating process free food. That means you try to buy the fresh carrots instead of those in a can with a year expiration date. You try to stay away from with so many chemicals you can't even pronounce. Foods drenched in colors, flavors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, are not considered clean. When you eat clean   try to grow your own, by local or organic. 

This is nothing new for Christians, the bible speaks about food and a healthy life but it seems like most people like to skip those chapters. Some people like to dismiss that part of the bible and say well that was bible days until sickness knocks on their door. The sad thing is than many people do not eat properly for years, they wait until all they can do is take pills with its numerous side affects. Then the side effects causes new diseases. 

When was the last time you remember a sermon on food in church? I can't say I have ever heard one. Not one. Growing up I never realize how what I fed my temple was important to God. We all know about not feeding your body drugs and alcohol, but I never heard a pastor or preacher or religious person say anything about sugar or controling your food intake. 

The bible speaks about good and bad foods. Imagine God provided the Hebrews in the Promised land 7 foods: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and honey. Its funny how Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 keeps it simple and tells believers how to eat so you can have a healthy life but for some reason society is now turning away from simple real food. The Bible tells us we can enjoy things like: cows, sheep, deer, goats, chicken, turkey, duck, geese, salmon, tuna, flounder, pike and herring. However, today we have to read and make sure that are mean hasn't been shot up with so many chemicals that it will affect our own health.

I have personally notice that more and more of my friends between the age of 28 - 45 are looking and feeling like they are 80 years old with all their weight, pain and chronic illness. Let's be honest many are from the fast food generation and as a result of all those quick meals you look bad and feel bad. The sad thing is the older you get the more likely you are to have some kind of disease many of which are food related.

The truth is we are all have to learn self control. If we can not do it then we need to consult the Lord in our time of weakness. This is not an impossible task to change your diet. Believers know that there is nothing impossible for God. No one is making you continue to eat foods grown with fertilizers, pesticides and even sewage sludge (which is just treated human waste) and not think our bodies will be affected. 

Anytime you change anything in your life it takes time. Only a fool knows there is a problem and do nothing to change it. Let me encourage you to take some simple steps on making a difference in your health. 

Steps to Eating Clean:

1. Clean out your refrigerator and cabinets, try to get rid of all those processed and fast foods that you think are making your life convenient. 

2. Try buying more organic food not at those fancy overpriced stores, your local store should have an organic section or organic line that is not too expensive. Buy in bulk or online like at Amazon. Join a local collective there are many community farms even in urban areas. It will take you time to figure out how to shop organic without breaking your wallet but to your health its worth it. 

3. Start reading labels. When you read the package labels you will be shocked by all the ingredients and sugar levels as well as all those weird chemicals and additives. 

It is not difficult to change your eating from dirty chemicals to a more natural clean diet. Start with small changes and you will be surprise at how much more energy you will begin to notice. Take time and research what the Bible says about food such as the Daniel fast. Your health is not only important to your family it is important to God because its hard to get one active in ministry when you sick and tired.