Friday, April 18

Making the Move

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... Making the Move.

This year is all about Making the Move. Stop making excuses. Yes, I am talking about you.
Year after year, you find yourself with lots of dreams and ideas but for some reason you don't believe it is possible to live your dreams. This year I am trying to encourage you to step out on faith/

Stepping out don't mean that you will quit your job and by tomorrow you are going to land a million dollar contract. This may take years or it may not happen in your life time.

Stepping out on faith just mean you were blessed with a vision or idea and you feel this is something you have to do, no matter what. Stepping out on faith and making the move only mean that you are willing to trust the Lord and move without understanding how everything will come together.

Making the Move means you are willing to move just because the Lord told  you. You have to trust that it will all come together. You know when the Lord is speaking to you.

I am excited because here at Inspiring Sisters we are growing because of you. Thank you so much
for following us at this blogger, Twitter, reading our blog, sending me an email, etc. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY thank you. I hope you feel appreciated.

We are still developing Inspiring Sisters Network. Our new home website is We are developing into a full service media network. Conferences, Prodcast TV, Internet Radio and a magazine is coming soon. Our staff is working hard and trusting the Lord that we will continue to grow and make money to supply everyone needs.

On May 1st for National Day of Prayer we will be hosting a PRAYER LINE, so I want you to come and pray with us about our nation. We will post the schedule next week. I don't want anyone to forget that we are a ministry. We are her to draw women to Christ and keep them living a blessed Christian life.

ACCESS NUMBER: 712-432-1500


Monday, April 7

New Beginnings For Your Blog

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...New Beginnings.

Have you ever felt you needed a "do over" or new beginning. Well we all know Jesus believes in second chances. Have you ever had the opportunity to redo a mistake? How about changing your plan on achieving your dreams?

Since turning this blog into a fulltime business I feel I need to make some changes. This blog needs to make an income in order for my ministry vision to be achieved.

I am not going to lie, it has been hard work, long hours of reading and reading. It is hard trying to stay above the poverty line with no paycheck. It is hard trying to run an upstart in an isolated field.
Where is an Internet millionaires when you need to talk to one? (Scammers I am not talking to you).

When you decide its time for a New Beginning in your life, you need to tweek the plan. How are you going to change the original plan or vision?

I've been trying to increase our advertising with some productive companies. After 5 years ADSENSE finally approved this site. We will be moving soon to:

What steps do you need to take to achieve the vision?
We have developed some short term goals and our long term goals includes: Inspiring Sisters Magazine,  Inspiring Sisters Online Conference, or Guest for our Prodcast/You Tube Video.

How can you improve something you are already doing?
We have many followers on various social media and we are encouraging them to also come and visit our blog and become a FOLLOWER on the blog and subscribe to the RSS. We are also asking our blog readers to share their talents and gifts with your blog.

What kind of partnership can you establish for your dreams to come true?
Here at Inspiring Sisters we are seeking partners to work with, we are need:
-Product Review for things of interest to Christian Women
-Advertising, Contest or Giveaways
-Blog Features, Vbloging, Internet Radio Guests
-Writing: Guest Blogging, Online Magazine Submission
-Speaking: Conference Calls, Womens Workshops, Conferences, Retreats, Online events, etc.

What are something you think we need to change or
add to this blog?

Leave a comment.


Sunday, March 23

Do You Need Freedom From Your Past?

31 Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Ephesians 4:31 (ESV)

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Do You Need Freedom From Your Past?

Have you been trying to achieve some of your dreams and desires in your life but you keep hitting a brick wall? Do you feel like you are getting close to achieving your dreams but something still feels like its not quite right?

Have you ever thought about unforgiveness in your heart that you may be holding that is causing hinderance to your dreams? Unforgiveness can take on many forms:

1. A Grudge (who knows how these start)
2. Not Willing to Forgive Someone Who Offended You
3. A Resentful Attitude

When we hold unforgiveness in our heart it really hurt us. It turns to more serious things like anger,  hatred, and resentment in our lives. In order to have a more fulfill life Christians have to learn to let things go by dealing with the issue and trying to solve the problem or learn from it. How can the Lord mold you and use your gifts if you are still being controlled by the past.

Is there a person, issue, or situation you need to pray about resolving? You have to try to release all bondage in your life and not just ignore situations. Its important to make room for the Lord so you can hear his voice. What issue do you need to deal with right now so you can move forward towards your destiny? Are you living with the shame of your ancestors? Some of us may not have issues with a certain person but our issue may be generational. Are you living with the shame of your ancestors? Do you need to pray about your family generational issues that may be affecting your life and stopping you from your true destiny?

 Don't worry about the past. The past is over, done so let it go. You can not change or relive the past.
Well the Lord forgives your past but for some reason we continue to believe that things that happen to us is so unforgettable from the Lord. The Enemy will make you think that you are unworthy.
You will even make up things in your head about people not trusting you. You will even start to question your relationship with the Lord. No matter your past you have to make your mind up that you will just Trust the Lord.

As you work towards living your dreams and passions. Pray to the Lord about any unforgiveness in your heart. Be open for the Lord to mold you in a manner he needs to, let go of those thoughts and issues that have been holding you back or keeping you in bondage. It is time for Christian women to leave their mental Egypt (remember the Israelites), and be set free. It normally begins with unforgiveness.

You may still be stuck in unforgiveness, but don’t know it, if . . .
-You don’t know who they are.  ™      
-You can’t believe God desires great things for them and has given them the potential to achieve.
-You don’t study God’s Word enough to know the truth about their freedom.  ™      
-You have accepted another’s word for reality other than accepting what God has to say.

How about you, How do you deal with unforgiveness?


Tuesday, March 18

Twinkie Clark's Signature Tour

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Twinkie Clark's Signature Tour.

Elbernita "Twinkie" Clark is a two-time Grammy award–winning American gospel singer, composer, musician, and evangelist. She is a member of The Clark Sisters, an influential gospel vocal ensemble active since the late 1960s. If you have heard of "Mary, Mary" well the Clark family were a trailblazing group of sisters too. Well her new show celebrates her 40th Anniversary in the gospel business and how the Lord spared her life and her impact in ministry.

The Clark sisters are get worship leaders and if you have an opportunity to attend her show it will be worth the money because you will be truly blessed. Visit her website if you want to know about her other tours:

Other Cities:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania....................3/30/14
Houston, Texas..... .............................4/05/14
Rockville, Maryland...............................5/2/14

Thursday, March 13

Having A Positive Life

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Having A Positive Life.
There is power in your thoughts. You can choose to be more positive about YOUR life by:

1. Do not compare your life to others. Your life journey is your own. Comparison causes resentment and negative attitudes. If you want to move from "Negative Nelly" to "Positive Polly" you have to accept your life. Make things happens. Plan new experiences.

2. Take a moment and be honest with yourself. You have to answer those hard questions so you can move forward. Why do you feel you are stuck and not achieving your goals? Why haven't you moved forward with your goals? You have to become honest with yourself.

3. Make a plan. You need to write an action plan to reach your goals.You will not become a millionaire without a job. You can't become a doctor without going to college and then medical school and then pass your exams. If your goal is to loose weight you have to be proactive. Make an appointment with your doctor, see a nutritionist, and make a plan for your fitness program. Ladies some times we forget as we grow older we gain weight because of so many hormonal changes and menopausal issues. Don't compare yourself to others evaluate your body and then move forward.

4. Stay positive about your life journey. Live a life of contentment. When you begin to change your mindset you will begin to see your life in a new way. Take time to pray and talk to the Lord. Get rid of negative people in your life. Find people who enjoy the things you like to do. There are all types of support groups and MEETUP websites. If you want to start a business hang out with business owners.

5. Start doing things you love. Life will become more positive when you do what you love to do.What are some loves or hobbies you have given up or ignored over the years?

I love the video above. The dancer use to love dancing when she was much smaller. She had weight issues over the years. However, she decided to give up her first love because she felt a fat girl couldn't dance. I love the video because it seems like she is so happy. She seems like she was set free.

6. Stop Making Excuses. Do not make excuse for behaving badly. You are only hurting yourself with your negative attitude. How many life experiences have you missed out on? How many family reunions, jobs, potential relationships, vacations, or fun outings have ignored? How many blessings have the Lord tried to send your way but couldn't because your thoughts were filled with possible failure? and not Trust?

The Lord wants to give you the desire of your heart but can her penetrate through your negative thoughts? Pray and ask the Lord to take control of your thoughts and to help you to become a more positive person. There is a saying that what one think, one becomes.

What do you think the Lord wants you to become with your attitude?


Tuesday, March 11

Are You A Thankful Person?

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... Are You A Thankful Person?
I participated in a community service that did not go well at all.
I mean we painted a senior citizen home with a group. Well at the end after all our work the lady said, "I guess that will do, you are not a professional."

Ughhhhh! " Really, lady," I thought.
I got lost trying to find her home, it was early in the morning. I didn't have any gas. Everyone didn't show up on time. We ran out of paint and had to get more and wait. And wait. My arms got tired of painting her high hallway. I got paint in my hair and I didn't even get a lousy "thank you."

When people do things for you especially your friends and relatives, do you express your thanks? Do you expect people to just do things right and that is it? Are you silent with your thanks? Are you just a complainer? All the time?

Well I am always sadden when I meet Complaining Christians. Complaining is a negative exercise.
That opens the door for the Enemy to bring you the spirit of "sadness." Imagine how many things the Lord does for you everyday. From waking up every morning to not allowing your ceiling to fall in on you every night. Some times we get distracted with every day events that we forget to thank the Lord for all our blessings both small and big.

It is such a blessing to have your own home. Ask anyone living in their mothers basement with their husband and children. Ask anyone sleeping on a friend's sofa. Ask a homeless woman. Do you fuss and complain that you have to pay your mortgage every month (I'm not talking to those
of you who brought a home on purpose that was above your budget)? It is such a blessing to have a job so you can make a mortgage payment every month without any type of problem.

The Lord does so much for us everyday but some times we forget to thank him. Some of us are such "Negative Nellies" we complain so much every day that your own family is sick of being in your presence. Have you ever thought about how the Lord feels about all your complaining?
He hears your negative words and thoughts day after day. He bless you but yet you still complain.

Being thankful not only affects those around you. But it affects our health especially our attitude.
It is okay to say thank you to the Lord and those around you. The children of Israel were a bunch of "complainers" their 11 day journey took 40 years because they and their descendants were a bunch of complainers. They were just down right ungrateful people.

Now the people complained about their hardships in the hearing of the Lord, and when he heard them his anger was aroused. Then fire from the Lord burned among them and consumed some of the outskirts of the camp. Number 11:1

They were not grateful about anything. They got in trouble, begged the Lord for help. The Lord bailed them out then they decided to turn away from Him and faced hardship. Being thankful not only effects others it will change your attitude too.

I pray that you take the time to listen to the Lord as he teaches you about becoming more thankful.
Try it out. Tell everyone you meet today how grateful you are for them and their service. Thank the Lord for the inventors of all the products you use in a day.

Friday, March 7

How Do You Handle Rejection?

Internet pic
Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...How Do You Handle Rejection?

Rejection happens to everyone. It seems to be happening to me more lately as I expand my business.
What do you do when you are faced with REJECTION?

I just get back up because I realize you can't take "no" personally even though many of us do. You really don't have time to analyze why people say "no." You really have to just move on until you get a "yes."

Rejection is a part of life. Don't look at all your rejections as a bad thing. If you let the Lord be the author of your life then you have to face some no so that he can guide you in the right direction.
Are you currently working in your gifts? Did you just settle for the job you have just because it was your major in college or your mom told you to do it?

Many people settle for jobs that they really do not have a passion for pursuing. Have you ever met the cashier who hates dealing with the public? A teacher who hates children? A nurse with an attitude because you keep calling her for help? A speaker who doesn't communicate well?

Just because you face a little rejection in trying to pursue your dreams. You really can't give up. You have to keep going until your dreams, desire, and visions are achieved. A set back is preparing you for the success. Change your mindset on how you interpret rejections.

 They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord. Psalm 112:7


Monday, March 3

Introducing Inspiring Sisters Ministries

Hello Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Inspiring Sisters Ministries.

I have turned my hobby into a business. My family and friends think that this is a crazy move but when is it ever the right time to live your dreams?

The Lord will guide you in the direction that is right. Our Network will be up soon: Take a moment and email me at if you are interested in the following, we are seeking people with at least 2 years experience:

Seeking WritersInspiring Sisters Magazine  will be publishing a quarterly online magazine and we are seeking Christian writers, bloggers, etc. to contribute to our efforts.

Seeking Christian Speakers: Inspiring Sisters Online Conference beginning this fall, please submit workshop proposals. Our theme is coming soon. I am also available to speak at your events if you need a Christian speaker.

Seeking Guest Bloggers & Christian Book & Product Reviewers: We are seeking monthly Christian guest bloggers to share with our audience issues that will appeal to modern Christian women. We are looking to partner with Christian Industry leaders in the area of Christian Product Reviewers.

2015 Seeking Show Guests for Inspiring Sisters podcast show beginning December 2014.

Advertisers: We are seeking advertisers for our online magazine, online women's conference and website.

Virtual Assistant: We are seeking a virtual assistant subcontractor. Send us your rates.
Please continue to keep our ministries in your prayers.


Wednesday, February 26

Jam Thursday: What I'm Learning About Myself">>

Faith Barista Bonnie Blogger
Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea.
Let's talk about ...Faith Barista Jam Thursday: What I'm Learning About Myself.

That is a hard question to answer. I feel I am still adventurous, flexible, creative, strong, stylish, and tenacious. It has taken me longer to figure out how to use my gifts in the kingdom.

Lately, I have been trying to embrace a minimal environment.
I like things to be organize in a creative manner. I have learned that I am not afraid of change.

Change is a good thing. I have become a full time blogger in this new season of my life. The other thing that I am learning is doing without much. I am an 1980's girl and love having nice things and stuff.

I have become a minimalist. I have learned to due without many things that were cluttering up my physical space. This is a hard thing to due, but a good thing. It is very therapeutic to get rid of thing. It leaves space for new adventures and ideas.

I was brave enough to get rid of so many small appliances that lived in my cabinets. Many I didn't use for years. Most were gifts. I even found an electric pie maker. I have pies. I don't even know who gave me a pie maker, lol.

I had things taking up space that I did not even use.

Just taking up space and making clutter. I realize that I need to be a better steward with the Lord's money with the space the Lord has given me. I put so many things in my space that I didn't leave room for the Lord to add what he thought was a good idea.

I am happy I took the time to donate many of my things which were almost new. I hope they find a wonderful home. I have learned that changing ones mindset is a good thing. It leaves room for the Lord to guide you in new directions.

What are you learning about yourself?

Tuesday, February 25

Achieving Your Vision

“The only people who fear death are those with regrets.”
~ Author Unknown

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Achieving Your Vision.

Achieving ones vision just doesn't happen. A desire and a plan is needed.

I am happy to share that this year my goal is to achieve as many things on my vision board as possible. This weekend I was able to go skiing. I do not know how to ski but it was a dream or should I say a desire I had. I really don't know where the desire came from because I was born on an island. But I am happy that I was able to check a dream off my bucket list.

Ladies you have to ask yourself, What do I really want?

Look at all the Olympic athletics, everyone who went to Sochi wanted to come home with the gold medal. Winners have years of strategic planning. They have action steps they can follow. They take the time to hone their skills with practice. They create a routine. Some even realize that some time in the process they may have to change their routine. They chose the right coach, some had to relocate, to be the best you need good advice and a plan.

What system do you have in place to achieve your goals in the next 3 months?

Without a plan you will not achieve your dreams on your vision board -- like going on that Hawaiian vacation or leaving your job and starting a business.

Why do some people seem to achieve their goals while others sit around wishing?

People who succeed have a well thought out plan. Analyze your goal. Think about the barriers that may stop you from moving forward. Then you need to counteract your strategy and believe in your ability to succeed with the Lord's help.

It is important to work towards achieving your goal. No one in their right mind want to live a life of regrets. No one on their death bed say they wished they worked harder or that they were happy that they missed all their kids school programs. Most people want to take time and reflect on their accomplishment, dreams and desires.

What are you doing to achieve your visions?